Week ending 15 September – stretching the boundaries

When you click the Mixcloud tab you will find a programme with more than its normal share of genre-stretching music. To some extent it was forced by tunes not arriving on the screen as planned, but it made for an interesting challenge and certainly some intriguing music.

It started with a piece from the Mugwisa International  Xylophone Group from Uganda on a Sam Jones “Construct”, which means, I presume,  a remix, released through the London label On the Corner. It is a fascinating and enticing sound that draws you into its rhythms. It was followed by Mr. Fingers a.k.a. producer/DJ Larry Heard whose warm and lilting tune  Tiger Lounge comes from an album with the cosmic-sounding title Cerebral Hemispheres. The trio of what we might call alternative sounds for Cosmic Jazz was completed by an unusual interpretation of the Sun Ra tune Angels and Demons At Play with very long loops creating a hypnotic feel.

The programme continues with more contemporary music, this time  from the UK. It was long overdue that I played Go Go Penguin, now on Blue Note records, with a selection from their latest album A Humdrum Star. They are interesting, they are innovative, they are mesmerising and what a bass line that begins and ends Strid, the selection for this week’s show.

Piano/keyboard, or in this case Wurlitzer player Joe Armon-Jones fitted in perfectly with the sounds so far. Jazz, yet not quite jazz as many people would accept it. His album Starting Today includes many of the now almost well-known, at least in the Cosmic Jazz circles, young UK players. They play on his record and he plays on theirs. Ragify includes drummer Moses Boyd, guitarist, Oscart Jerome, saxophonists James Mollison and Nubya Garcia and trumpeter Dylan Howe.

From this point the show became more conventional, but there was nothing wrong with that, especially when it included the beautiful and becalming playing of the Jamis Saft Quartet and ended with the Valdes and O’Farrill family.

  1. Mogwisa International Xylophone Group – Jinja Pearls from Santuri’s Embaire Umene EP
  2. Mr. Fingers – Tiger Lounge from Cerebral Hemispheres
  3. Bitchin Bajas – Angels & Demons at Play from Bajas Fresh
  4. Go Go Penguin – Strid from A Humdrum Star
  5. Joe Armon-Jones – Ragify from Starting Today
  6. Jamie Saft Quartet – There’s a Lull in my Life from Blue Dream
  7. Arturo O’Farrill & Chucho Valdes – Father, mothers, sons, daughters from Familia Disc I



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