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Playlist – 18 August 2011

We welcomed Derek for some jazz pingpong. In a British jazz feature we played some great new tracks from UK artists – and some old favourites. Into the mix went some latin jazz and a rarity from Nate Morgan.

  1. Phronesis – Abraham’s New Gift
  2. Matthew Halsall – Music for a Dancing Mind
  3. The Tubby Hayes Quintet – Down in the Village
  4. Harry Beckett – Rolli’s Tune
  5. Kairos Quartet – Box Set Anti-Hero
  6. The New Jazz Orchestra – Le Dejeuner Sur L’Herbe
  7. Conrad Herwig – So What
  8. Nate Morgan – Retribution Reparation
  9. Miles Davis – Riot
  10. Letta Mbulu – Afro Texas
  11. Eddie Palmieri – Me Congo Te Llama (Sacred Rhythm Dance Version)

Video this week is a live latin take on Coltrane’s Blue Train from Conrad Herwig at the 1998 Puerto Rica JazzFest. Enjoy!


Playlist – 04 August 2011

Tonight’s programme included a Simcock/Jarrett standoff, a Brecon Jazz feature and more out-there sounds from the likes of Ornette Coleman, Don Cherry,  Stanton Davis and others. This year’s Brecon Festival has one of the strongest lineups ever – and we featured some of the artists you can hear next weekend – Christian Prommer, Phronesis, Matthew Halsall, Stonephace, Robert Glasper, the Sam Crowe Group, Zoe Rahman and Courtney Pine.

  1. Stanton Davis’ Ghetto/Mysticism – Space-a-Nova
  2. Codona – Inner Organs
  3. Nik Bartsch’s Ronin – Modul 47
  4. Keith Jarrett – In Front
  5. Gwilym Simcock – These are the Good Days
  6. Christian Prommer’s Drumlesson – Acid Eiffel
  7. Ornette Coleman – Street Blues
  8. Robert Glasper’s Experiment – 4Eva/Butterfly
  9. Zoe and Idris Rahman – O, River
  10. Sam Crowe Group – Synaesthesia
  11. Phronesis – Eight Hours
  12. Matthew Hallsall – Reflections
  13. Marc Johnson’s Bass Desires – Black is the Colour of my True Love’s Hair
  14. Stonephace – Levels and Degrees of Light
  15. The Pharaohs – Freedom Time
  16. Edguardo El Productor En Jefe (Tropicalia remix) – Mami
  17. Courtney Pine – Southern Skandinavian Blues

Video this week comes form another Don Cherry group – Old and New Dreams. Formed with drummer Ed Blackwell and featuring Charlie Haden on bass and Dewey Redman on saxes, this is their version of Ornette Coleman’s Happy House:

Playlist – 16 June 2011

What a show tonight! Two exclusives: the first from Emanative featuring Matthew Halsall and the second a class treatment of Chameleon from new vocalese master Michael L Roberts. No time for JD Allen and Matana Roberts this week – so that’s all in next week’s promising line up. Instead we had Conjure and Steve Coleman (twenty years apart but with real soundlinks), Debussyish melodies from Dave Brubeck and the subtle alto tapestry of Lee Konitz. We romped home to the finish with Japanese jazzrock (Yoshizawa), the 1980s revisited (Marcus Miller) and Sun Ra in a ZAP! KAPOW! finish.

And don’t worry – it really is Cosmic Jazz, even though the show appears to begin with Erykah Badu this week. 03:10mins in you’ll get Emanative/Matthew Halsall – stunning sounds to begin the show… Checkout Emamative’s blog on our links (right).

  1. Emanative (feat. Matthew Halsall) – Find You
  2. Michael L Roberts – Chameleon
  3. Yuko Fujimaya Quintet – If Words
  4. Babatunde Olatunji – Jolly Mensah
  5. Ebo Taylor – Heaven
  6. Conjure – Mo Ku Lana, Mo Jinde Loni
  7. Steve Coleman and Five Elements – Destination
  8. Lee Konitz, Brad Mehldau, Charlie Haden – Alone Together
  9. The Dave Brubeck Quartet – Zen is When
  10. Bobby Hutcherson – Yuyo
  11. Hajime Yoshizawa – Open Door
  12. Marcus Miller – Full Nelson
  13. Sun Ra and the Blues Project – Batman and Robin Over the Roofs

More on the last track tonight. Here’s the story: sometime in 1966, producer Tom Wilson persuaded Sun Ra and members of his band (John Gilmore and Marshall Allen on tenor and alto, Pat Patrick on bass, and Jimmy Owens and Tom McIntosh on trumpet and trombone) and the members of the Blues Project, (which may or may not have included Al Kooper) to lay down 35 minutes of music for a Batman and Robin album credited to The Sensational Guitars of Dan & Dale. It was a quickie exploitation effort sponsored by some toy company in New Jersey (where these sessions were cut) intended to sell some dance music for discotheques and parties by cashing in on the craze surrounding the Batman television program. The album, showing the Caped Crusader and his partner swinging down on bat-ropes, has been a denizen of dollar-record bins and nostalgia shows for decades, and just happens to feature some of the hottest musicians in New York City. Batman and Robin Over the Roofs features Jimmy Owens prominently, along with Sun Ra and the two guitarists (Steve Katz and Danny Kalb) in the longest jam on the record.

What’s even more fun is that, apart from the Neal Hefti Batman Theme, everything is public domain blues built on some familiar material – including Chopin, Tchaikovsky, and Bach. One cut, appropriately entitled The Riddler’s Retreat, quotes riffs and phrases from a half-dozen Beatles songs, and another (The Bat Cave) is this group’s answer to Green Onions. Along with Sun Ra, who dominates every passage he plays on, Steve Katz and Danny Kalb are the stars here, romping and stomping over everything as they weave around each other, while Gilmore, Allen, and Owens step up to the plate when needed. It’s all great fun – and well worth a listen. Download from iTunes because buying the product (vinyl or CD) will cost you.

Playlist – 05 May 2011

Back from Beijing, Neil brought along some great new music this week. First up was Dub Colossus with the title track from their new album, then James Farm – the new project from Joshua Redman. We also featured Kairos 4tet and a stunning Nigerian jazz track from Asiko. Madlib’s latest and a taste from a new Nascente tropical compilations completed the picture. It was all on this week’s Cosmic Jazz – and you can catch it all on Listen Again this weekend.

  1. Dub Colossus – Addis Through the Looking Glass
  2. Mulatu Astatke – Mulatu
  3. James Farm – Coax
  4. Max Grunhard Quintet – Sea Shanty
  5. Joe Farrell – Follow Your Heart
  6. Matthew Halsall- Sending My Love
  7. Kairos 4tet – Maybe Next Year
  8. Alice Coltrane – Sivaya
  9. Yoruba Singers – Basa Bongo/Jackie McLean – Old Gospel
  10. Asiko – Hot Black
  11. Calexico – Crumble/Lee Konitz – On Green Dolphin Street
  12. The Last Electro-Acoustic Space Jazz & Percussion Ensemble – Black Renaissance (for Harry Whitaker)

Video this week is a double bill from Manchester trumpeter and Cosmic Jazz fave Matthew Halsall. First, here he is at that city’s Band on the Wall venue with his other group, featuring turntables and a beatboxer:

And we were really pleased to hear from Desubicados TV, a live music blog in Madrid. Thanks for this atmospheric piece on Halsall – just click on his name below to view:

Matthew Halsall





Playlist – 31 March 2011

New music this week from Joe Lovano and Kurt Elling and some more Matthew Halsall after his highly successful show at The Cut in Halesworth. We’re at No 2 in our 5 x 2 top ten countdown – and a feature about both tracks will appear within the week. Neil chose John Coltrane’s A Love Supreme Pt. 1 Acknowledgement and Derek could equally have chosen John Coltrane but went for a long-established Cosmic Jazz favourite, Carmen Lundy’s You’re Not in Love.

Although it wasn’t planned, the show settled into a deeply spiritual vibe early on – signals included McCoy Tyner and Sun Ra with the first movement of John Coltrane’s immortal A Love Supreme sealing the sound. Impressed with Matt Halsall’s covers of Alice Coltrane’s Journey to Satchidananda and Clifford Jordan’s heartfelt John Coltrane we ended the show with these tracks.

In between were Nat Birchall and Bheli Mseluku – see last week’s comments for details of why. If you’ve got some thoughts on the music, use our comments facility below.

  1. Joe Lovano – Passport
  2. Gregory Porter – Magic Cup
  3. McCoy Tyner – Mes Trois Fils
  4. Kurt Elling – Matte Kudasai
  5. Sun Ra – Where Pathways Meet
  6. Sean Hutchinson’s Still Life – Treat Me Like Train Tracks
  7. Carmen Lundy – You’re Not in Love
  8. John Coltrane – A Love Supreme (Acknowledgement)
  9. Matthew Halsall – Colour Yes
  10. Nat Birchall – Open Up the Gates
  11. Bheki Mseleku – Celebration
  12. Pharoah Sanders – Black Unity
  13. Clifford Jordan Quartet – John Coltrane

Playlist – 24 March 2011

More great music this week’s: another new Mathew Hallsall track, a special mix from last month’s missing show, a dubwise pairing of Cedric Im Brooks and Little Axe, a track from the sensational new release from Jeremy Pelt and an electrifying Miles Davis set from the Isle of Wight in 1970.

And it’s week three in our countdown of top five jazz tracks – one from Derek and one from Neil. This week it’s nu-jazz trumpet classic and an early ethno-jazz exploration – check out the playlist below for more details and look out for another short feature on both tracks coming soon on the site.

Could you really ask for more? Only on Cosmic Jazz – and if you missed the show, just wait 24 hours or so for Listen Again.

  1. Tangerine Dream – Ziet/Miles Davis – Hip-Skip
  2. Matthew Halsall – The Journey Home
  3. John McLaughlin – Peace One
  4. Donald Fagen – I.G.Y
  5. Erik Truffaz – Siegfried
  6. Cedric Im Brooks – Silent Force
  7. Little Axe – Going Down Slow (dub version)
  8. John Hassall – Abu Gil/Terje Rypdal – Ghostdancing
  9. Joe Henderson – Y Ya La Quiero
  10. George Benson – Ready and Able
  11. Jeremy Pelt – Paradise Lost
  12. Miles Davis – It’s About That Time
  13. Roy Haynes – Dorian
  14. Matthew Halsall – Music for a Dancing Mind
  15. Loleatta Holloway – Hit and Run

And here’s the videoclip back again after last week’s omission. Check out Joe Henderson live in Germany in 1994 with his version of Blue Bossa. Al Foster is on drums and (I think) George Mraz on bass – but I can’t identify the pianist. Any ideas?




Playlist – 17 March 2011

From the start, Cosmic Jazz has championed Japanese jazz and tonight it was appropriate to play jazz from that country.  Fumio Itabasho, Sleep Walker, Hajime Yoshizawe, Soil and ‘Pimp’ Sessions, Jazztronik and United Future Organisation all featured. There were also acknowledgements to Japan in music from Tony Scott and Pharoah Sanders.

We are excited by the appearance of Matthew Halsall locally at The Halesworth Jazz and Beer Festival at The Cut, Halesworth on Saturday 26 March (see below for details). Cosmic Jazz will be there and we strongly recommend that you are too. Thanks to festival organiser Garry we were able to play The Move from Matthew’s as yet unreleased album On the Move as well as Mudita from 2009’s Colour Yes.

In a busy programme there was also time for our No 4 tunes in the Cosmic Jazz countdown. For Neil, it was Kenny Garrett’s Beyond the Wall from the album of the same name, an impeccable and popular choice. For Derek it was a recent discovery, Gregory Porter’s 1960 What? from his 1960 album Water. What a soulful, bluesy, powerful tune it is.

Of course we always love Cosmic Jazz but – for us – this was a programme packed with emotional, spiritual and comforting jazz. Click that Listen Again button as soon as you can.

  1. Pharaoh Sanders – Japan
  2. McCoy Tyner – Valley of Life
  3. Gregory Porter – 1960 What?
  4. Kenny Garrett – Beyond the Wall
  5. Matthew Halsall – The Move
  6. Matthew Halsall – Mudita
  7. Soil and ‘Pimp’ Sessions – Mo Better Blues
  8. Fumio Itabashi – Watarase
  9. Hajime Yoshizawa – Arpegio in the Forest
  10. Sleep Walker – Elina
  11. Jazztronik – Muddy Muddy
  12. Tony Scott – The Murmuring of the Mountain Stream/United Future Organisation – Friends: We’ll Be
  13. Fumio Itabashi – Tone

Playlist – 03 March 2011

Cosmic Jazz welcomed back Derek this week so it was our usual jazz pingpong… We never know what we’ll be playing from the boxes we bring in: it’s the sounds that shape our choices and the direction of the show is usually determined on the night (but see below!).

We managed to squeeze in a bit of the new release from Brad Mehldau at the end of the show – more next week from this live double CD/DVD combination. With the Black Unity track from Pharoah Sanders we dipped into the theme for next week – our favourite cosmic jazz sounds. That’s not simply our favourite jazz but the music that best epitomises the Cosmic Jazz vibe. We’ve each chosen five tracks and you’ll hear all of them next week on the show.

Now, if you have any favourite tracks that best capture the cosmic/spiritual jazz tip then let us know.

  1. Miles Davis – Konda
  2. Babatunde Lea – March of the Jazz Guerillas
  3. Dave Douglas – Posies
  4. Jan Garbarek and the Hilliard Ensemble – Parce Mihi Dominie
  5. Bugge Wesseltoft – Change
  6. Hector Costita Sexteto – Tokio
  7. McCoy Tyner – Passion Dance (live)
  8. Hal Singer & Jef Gilson – Chant Inca
  9. Matthew Halsall – Colour Yes
  10. Pharoah Sanders – Black Unity
  11. Bossa Jazz Trio – Maria Moita
  12. David Murray Octet – Santa Barbara and Crenshaw Follies
  13. Harry Beckett – Rolli’s Tune
  14. Brad Mehldau – Lithium

With the focus on Miles Davis and his 1970s music in recent weeks, it seems a good time to promote this piece of concert footage. Not for the fainthearted, here’s Miles at his wildest and most electric wowing them live in Berlin in 1973: