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Cosmic Jazz Countdown – No. 2


Derek: Carmen Lundy is a jazz singer, actress and painter. She has been singing over three decades performing largely self-penned material and has released a total of 11 recordings on which she has worked with an impressive range of jazz musicians. Yet is she as well known or celebrated in the UK as she should be? Her last performance in the UK was in 2007 and although she has been to Europe each year, since there have been no performances in the UK and none are scheduled so far for 2011.

For listeners to Cosmic Jazz, however, Carmen Lundy is no stranger. The Old Devil Moon album and, in particular, the song You’re Not in Love, has been played several times. It is simply a great tune, a melody which leaves you wanting to play just it again and then sing it to yourself once it is finished. The lyrics are a strong put down of a man. Carmen Lundy’s vocals make these emotions clear but in a way that you know she is in control, her voice is firm, definite but still enticing.

The musicians are pretty fine too. UK drummer Winston Clifford is a good choice but special mention should go to Randy Brecker on flugelhorn and – interestingly – there’s a musician who will feature strongly in my No. 1 choice next week…

Neil: Just what is there to say about A Love Supreme that is new and different? This is a canonical work in the relative short history of jazz but there can be no doubt that in 200 or more years time it will still be revered, analysed and simply enjoyed as one of the most complete pieces of music every recorded – in any genre.

The first part, Acknowledgement, is the most well known. It opens with drummer Elvin Jones striking a Chinese gong before Coltrane enters with an invocation Alice Coltrane described as like the doors opening on a beautiful city. And then it’s the bit that everyone knows – that insidious blues-based bass riff. Along with the four note phrase itself, this is the touchstone of A Love Supreme – the core of its being. The mantra ‘A love supreme’ is a return to the gospel source of ‘trane’s music, a way of rooting the music in a universal spirituality. In an interview with Ashley Khan, Wayne Shorter got it right: “I think he was going back to square one where the voice is the first announcement of your humanity – your humanity is your instrument.”

Khan’s book exploring the genesis and context of A Love Supreme is a revelation. He discusses writer Lewis Porter’s theory (but one known and understood by the jazz cogniscenti) that Coltrane’s lyrical solo on the final part of the music (Psalm) is entirely derived from a syllabic reading of his liner note poem.

Listen to this music while reading Coltrane’s heartfelt prayer and you’ll get closer to understanding why Coltrane is the only musician – jazz or otherwise – to have a Christian sect who worship him. The St John Coltrane African Orthodox Church (http://www.coltranechurch.org/) was founded by Archbishop Franzo King who heard A Love Supreme and experienced what he called “a sound baptism.” Sounds fair enough to me.

Playlist – 31 March 2011

New music this week from Joe Lovano and Kurt Elling and some more Matthew Halsall after his highly successful show at The Cut in Halesworth. We’re at No 2 in our 5 x 2 top ten countdown – and a feature about both tracks will appear within the week. Neil chose John Coltrane’s A Love Supreme Pt. 1 Acknowledgement and Derek could equally have chosen John Coltrane but went for a long-established Cosmic Jazz favourite, Carmen Lundy’s You’re Not in Love.

Although it wasn’t planned, the show settled into a deeply spiritual vibe early on – signals included McCoy Tyner and Sun Ra with the first movement of John Coltrane’s immortal A Love Supreme sealing the sound. Impressed with Matt Halsall’s covers of Alice Coltrane’s Journey to Satchidananda and Clifford Jordan’s heartfelt John Coltrane we ended the show with these tracks.

In between were Nat Birchall and Bheli Mseluku – see last week’s comments for details of why. If you’ve got some thoughts on the music, use our comments facility below.

  1. Joe Lovano – Passport
  2. Gregory Porter – Magic Cup
  3. McCoy Tyner – Mes Trois Fils
  4. Kurt Elling – Matte Kudasai
  5. Sun Ra – Where Pathways Meet
  6. Sean Hutchinson’s Still Life – Treat Me Like Train Tracks
  7. Carmen Lundy – You’re Not in Love
  8. John Coltrane – A Love Supreme (Acknowledgement)
  9. Matthew Halsall – Colour Yes
  10. Nat Birchall – Open Up the Gates
  11. Bheki Mseleku – Celebration
  12. Pharoah Sanders – Black Unity
  13. Clifford Jordan Quartet – John Coltrane

Playlist – 27 January 2011

Welcome to another week of inspirational music.  More from Jason Moran’s poll-winning 10, great Sun Ra from the reissued Heliocentric Worlds and – to celebrate the the newly announced concert double bill of Wayne Shorter with Phronesis in October – tracks from both artists.

Also on the show tonight – new Japanese jazz thanks to Jacob, our man in Tokyo (spiritually, anyway), a bunch of Blue Notes, Coltrane on Atlantic along with a Coltrane tribute from LA’s finest – and British flautist Finn Peters in gamelan mode.

What else could it be other than the always eclectic sound of CJ – enjoy!

  1. Sun Ra – Heliocentric
  2. Michael White – Fiesta Dominica
  3. Jason Moran – Big Stuff
  4. Masa Sextet – The Hard Blues
  5. Wayne Shorter – Super Nova
  6. Phronesis – Eight Hours
  7. Our Cry for Peace feat. The Voice of Dwight Trible and members of Build an Ark – John Coltrane
  8. Elvin Jones – Pollen
  9. Hank Mobley – Straight Ahead
  10. Finn Peters – Butterflies
  11. Kenny Barron – Mythology
  12. John Coltrane – Dahomey Dance
  13. Wynton Marsalis – Doin’ (Y)our Thing
  14. Jay Dee – Rico Suave Bossa Nova

This week’s video has to be saxophone legend Wayne Shorter, here performing Masquelero with a recent quartet, including the sensational Brian Blades on drums.  Apologies for the ‘watery’ sound quality on this one: